If there's anything which isn't here that you'd like to know feel free to shoot me a message with the contact form, or contact me on social media.
At the moment you can get prints of my work through INPRNT with the link below. When I get settled more in Sweden I'll look into a cost effective alternative for those who live in Europe.

If there is any pieces of mine which you'd like to have me upload as a print please let me know either on Twitter, Instagram or through the submission form. Out of respect of my clients and contracts, I cannot sell any of the commissioned works I have.

Hi, just writing in to say I really love your work <3 Where can I buy your book How Pippa became the Queen of the Ocean?
Hello there! Thanks for writing in, thank you so much for the compliment. I'm afraid at the moment you can't buy the Plastic Oceans book, there was only a limited run being made. I don't know much more than that, but you could contact the client Waste Free Oceans to see if they'll consider releasing it onto the high street.
I saw you retweet your new book on twitter and it really reminds me of Vulture Culture! Where can I get a copy, is it online only?
Thank you for the message! You can support the writer by purchasing a copy directly from Jules Howard which I'm sure he'll appreciate! I had a little look on Waterstones and it looks like they do stock it, but I'm not sure if it's in stores yet but you can check online if it's in your local one!

Which program do you use to create your art?
Adobe Photoshop CC with an 8 year old Intuos 4.
What brushes do you use? And what is your process for your images?
I use a couple of brushes and some are custom. I really love to use Greg Rutkowski, Kyle T Websters and Algenflegers the most!
Can I use your artwork to be tattoos?
As long as it's not a personal commission, or a client commission go for it. I would appreciate it if you could send me a message with the finished piece (because that sh*ts cool) and if possible if you could send a tiny donation to one of these charities please x
Durrell Zoo --- Tiger Time 
Do you think you could make a tutorial on how to make tileable patterns like that? For some reason I can’t wrap my head around how they work haha. But yours look incredible! :)
Wonder no more! I have made a walk-through on how I make my patterns in Photoshop. It's a pretty easy process and a lot of fun.
Making a Pattern - International Dog Day 2019
What are some of the things you do before sitting down to create? Anything you can’t draw without doing or having?
At least two cups of tea or coffee :) And I also need to have a clean desk or it cracks me up. I find that if I’m not on a caffeine buzz and my desk is a mess I can get really bummed out and end up scrolling through Reddit all day.
Why do you keep drawing cats?
I love cats, I love every kind of cat, I just want to hug all of them, But I can't. Can't hug every cat~ I resonate with this song so much, I just like 'em I guess. A lot of people tend to focus in on something they like, and I think cats are cute adorable so I must draw them.

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