Hello there!
I'm a Welsh illustrator who originally came from Cardiff, Wales. In 2019 I moved country and now I currently reside in the great moose-land known as Sweden. I love to work with bright themes, natural scenes and a heck of a lot of colour.
To date I've illustrated three Children's book but I prefer to work more in advertising, publication and editorial. I prefer a fast pace project over long drawn out projects. I have also dabbled a little in the animation industry here in Sweden since I've moved and have been very kindly allowed to work as a clean-up artist, colourist and occasional background artist for some local shorts and films.

Clients Include
Apple, Belgravia, Fortnum & Masons, Specsavers, Tesco, Transport for London, Waste Free Oceans, Weldon Owen, British Airways, Penguin Random House. 
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If you like my portfolio, lets work together!

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